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Miky Krejin, full real name Mykhaylo Vasyliovych Shebedyak (Ukrainian: Михайло Васильович Шебедяк, Russian: Михаил Васильевич Шебедяк; also known as Boris Kyrgys, Davy, Davy Scher, Dima Kravchenko, Michael, Michal Dam, Mickey Krain, Mickey Krane, Mikki Crain, Mikki Krayn, Mikky Krejn, Miky Krejn, Myk, Mykhaylo, Pafko Rybar; born 9 February 1989 in Bushtyno, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian pornographic actor and adult model.

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 Czech Republic • 2014
Taking Hold is a 'no holds barred' romp through the sexual excesses of hot and hung men from half a world away. These insatiable studs let their oversized uncut monsters dfo all the talking. When that deep-down urge is Taking Hold, these guys start thinking with their dicks, and the results are explosive!

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