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The following is a proposal for a straightforward revamping of our PBC Governance, with an eye for specifically addressing all of the core intractable problem areas that are repeatedly brought up as issues by the long-term and regular users of this website, who actively participate in matters of project governance.

Our idealized hierarchal structure

  • This will scale indefinitely.
  • No one may ever be on more than one Committee at a time.

Administrative Committee

Administrative Committee.png

The Administrative Committee is the panel of administrators responsible for conducting the PBC arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors.

  • The Administrative Committee is the highest committee of the PBC.
  • The Administrative Committee is the final interpreter of the Website Policy.
  • The Committee retains jurisdiction over all matters heard by it, including associated enforcement processes, and may, at its sole discretion, revisit any proceeding at any time.

Scope and responsibilities

The Administrative Committee of the PBC has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. To act as a final binding decision-maker primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve;
  2. To hear appeals from blocked, banned, or otherwise restricted users;
  3. To handle requests (other than self-requests) for removal of administrative tools;
  4. To resolve matters unsuitable for public discussion for privacy, legal, or similar reasons;
  5. To approve and remove access to (i) CheckUser and Oversight tools and (ii) mailing lists maintained by the Administrative Committee.

Procedures and roles

The Committee may create or modify its procedures; and may form subcommittees or designate individuals for particular tasks or roles. Where appropriate, the Committee may invite community comment on intended changes prior to implementing them.

The Committee maintains a panel of clerks to assist with the smooth running of its functions. The clerks' functions include the administration of arbitration cases and management of all the Committee's pages and subpages; enforcing Committee decisions; implementing procedures; and enforcing good standards of conduct and decorum on the Committee's pages.

Requesting arbitration

Requests for arbitration must be presented in the manner designated by the Committee. The Committee may accept or decline any matter at its sole discretion; it will take into account, but will not be bound by, the views of the parties to the request and other interested users.

Forms of proceeding

Standard proceedings 
By default, hearings are to be closed to the public.
Summary proceedings 
Where the facts of a matter are substantially undisputed, the Committee may resolve the dispute by motion.
Public hearings 
In exceptional circumstances the Committee may hold a hearing in public.The parties will be notified of the public hearing and be given a reasonable opportunity to respond to what is said about them before a decision is made.
Appeals by blocked, banned, or similarly restricted users are usually conducted by email.


Content & Customizations

  1. PeaceDeadC (talk · contribs)

Hardware & Software

  1. RadioInsomnia (talk · contribs)



Verification Committee

Verification Committee.png

The Verification Committee is a panel of editors who resolve content disputes on PBC articles by providing content verification of articles.



At the stage of formation.