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PBC 2.07b LTS

This is a security and maintenance release of the WMF:PBC branch.

Changes since PBC 2.0b LTS

  • +++Ubuntu 18.04-PBC-Docker-branch-2-8-2020
  • +++PHP 7.2.24-PBC-Docker-branch-2-8-2020 compiled with UNIX sockets support.
  • +++MariaDB 10.1.44-PBC-Docker-branch-2-8-2020
  • +++MediaWiki 1.34.2-PBC-Docker-branch-2-8-2020
    • 1.34 has several database changes since 1.33, and will not work without schema updates. Note that due to changes to some very large tables like the revision table, the schema update may take quite long (minutes on a medium sized server cluster, many hours on a large server cluster).
  • Installed patches from the stable branch WMF:PBC for 1.34-ubuntu-18-04.
  • Installed cumulative patch from WMF:PBC-production-ubuntu-16-04 branch.
  • Server: Switch from TCP/IP to UNIX sockets.
  • API Server: Fixed a bug where an empty value would cause a 502 Bad Gateway Error.
  • Parsoid Server performance improvements.
  • ORES Server performance improvements.
  • Changed routing for MobileFrontend. It is now a separate server cluster. The MobileFrontend development branch for a shared project is now a separate branch.
  • Fix error when initialising NVIDIA NVENC V9 Codec for Quadro GV100.
  • Fix output of Random featured picture.
  • Fix Contribution scores list.
  • Deprecate setting GlobalSiteID::Module:PBD.
  • Flagged Revisions: $wgFlaggedRevsHandleIncludes set to FR_INCLUDES_STABLE.

Beta Futures in PBC 2.07b LTS

  • BioBox 4.
  • Core content policy.
  • New additions for PBC:MOS.