Show Offs (Colt Studio)

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Show Offs
Show Offs
Technical & Staff
Film category: Gay Movie
Distributor: Colt Studio
Studio: Colt Studio
Label: Olympus
DVD Release: Yes
Blu-ray Release: No
Available in HD: Yes
Available in 3D: No
Produced: 2013
Release: 2013
Location:  Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Compilation: No
Chris Hollander, Enzo Bloom, Jan Faust, Jiri Tucek, Marc Ruffalo, Nicholas Kimmy
Film Genres
Anal, Blowjob, Czech, Euro, Foot Fetish, Safe Sex, Solo, Uncut

Back Cover
Back Cover

Description[edit | edit source]

SHOW OFFS - The name says it all. Young, hung and muscular studs eager to put their thick uncut monsters on display. Hot and cocky SHOW OFFS who know they've got the goods. Olympus Studio brings the hottest specimens of uncut men from eastern Europe to a hungry American audience. These men know what you want to see and they are ready to whip it out. Enjoy the show.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Scenes[edit | edit source]

1. Casey Slater solo
Casey Slater is a cute and friendly stud on the go, on his way to enjoy some summer fun. As he strolls out of the woods he catches your eye and stops in his tracks. With a flirty look and a cruisy smile this young stud is ready for some mischief. Finding a nearby park bench Casey strips off his shirt, revealing a tight and toned body that was made for showing off. Taking it all off and showing us even more, Casey lets loose thick and uncut tool. The head of his cock throbbing out from under his juicy foreskin. As his dick gets harder and longer, Casey kicks back on the bench and gives us a real show. Stroking his big schlong Casey takes himself to a climactic finish with a gushing, white-hot load sprayed high on his muscled chest.

2. Enzo Bloom, Nicholas Kimmy
Just two hot and hunky guys hanging out and with sex on their minds. Idle conversation takes a turn as Kris Van Alstein takes notice of a certain sex toy Billy Cole has left out on his coffee table. Billy takes the dildo and begins teasing his sexy guest. Kris is not shy and suggestively takes that big sex toy in his mouth. Preferring the real thing, Kris soon gets his mouth filled with Billy's thick uncut cock. After sucking and slurping each other's hard uncut dicks, Billy puts that Dildo to better use in Kris's hot ass. Kris spreads his mounds wide and takes it, his ass craving the real thing. When Kris is ready, Billy delivers... a hot and searing fuck, drilling Kris's ass deep and hard. Kris is on his back taking that meat when his cock erupts. He soaks himself in his own drenching load. Once spent, Kris gets on his knees to take even more hot cum as Billy strokes a thick wad on his face and down his chest.

3. Chris Hollander solo
Lakeside on a beautifully warm day, Chris Hollander is a young and hung stud who is always ready to Show Off. At the edge of the lake Chris pulls out his show-worthy piece of hefty uncut boy-meat. Carefree Chris strokes himself hard for all the world to see. Edging ever closer, Chris' mammoth cock grows and swells to jaw dropping size. Reaching the bursting point Chris squirts and shoots a man-sized load, squeezing his juicy foreskin over the head of his wet cock and draining every last drop.

4. Enzo Bloom, Jan Faust
A couple of hot and horny guys with big cocks, hard muscled bodies and sex on their minds. Billy Cole and Adam Soulska get together for a bit of naked fun. Billy hits his knees and unleashes Adam's hard and huge uncut dick, slurping and sucking down every last juicy inch. Adam returns the favor and finds Billy's thick uncut cock just as big and tasty. With his cock nice and wet, Billy turns his attention toward Adam's sexy round bottom. Getting Adam on his back, Billy slides his monster deep inside. Adam turns over and takes that long pole from behind as Billy drills deeper and deeper. Ready to bust, Billy pulls out and shoots a thick and steamy load of cum high on Adam's arched back. Adam flips over and lets loose his own load - Shooting an impressive shot high up on his own chest.

5. Jiri Tucek solo
Alone in his quiet sunbathing spot, beefy stud Josh Rhodes packs a hefty bulge in his Australian flag bathing suit. Feeling risqué Josh decides to unleash his uncut monster and have some fun. His thick hard tool in-hand Josh slowly strokes his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. Laying back Josh indulges in an uninhibited, open space jerk-off session. The excitement builds rapidly as Josh pumps his cock… Harder and faster he strokes until a thick stream of white hot cum erupts from his swollen dick.

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