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Zzlemon (talkcontribs)

I dont know how to edit using my phone, too risky to open on pc at home xD 458- adrian juren 471- patrick nalup 473- alex ceran 467/475- rick palmer 477-jaden(lucas) maskall, ty (talkcontribs)

I want to know 481 so badly (talkcontribs)

jeremy robbins

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Who is the actor?

Reply to "292" (talkcontribs)

Episode 195 or 296? Actor names or films of these please???

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Czech hunter 195/296 actor name or any other films of these. Please guys help.

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Gvdb (talkcontribs)
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Did he still have any porn film?

PeaceDeadC (talkcontribs)
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Name of actor

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Traxsu1t (talkcontribs)

Episode 429 is noted as "not listed on the site" howevernow it's on the site with the release day 12 June 2019. But I'm sure the episode wasn't there yesterday, so the real release is either 25 or 26 June 2019. Should I edit it by what the site says or the date I žhink is correct?

Sky Captain Swayze (talkcontribs)

The Release Date column uses the release dates of the videos that are listed on the site. Additional information can be specified in the following way: Notes. (talkcontribs)

Release of Episode 429 got in fact delayed and was actually released as stated on the website on 12.06.2019 after episode 435.

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There are 3 entries on this page (including 2 with release dates in 2019) that list Denis Reed as the Hunter, despite his being dead for 3 years.

337, 395, 403

PeaceDeadC (talkcontribs)

These are scenes from the archive, shot before his death.

Ajames (talkcontribs)

Exactly, which in a way is great as I really miss him and his laughter and his "hunting style"

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