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Ambox content.gif This template is used on many pages.
To avoid any disruptions and to save server load, any changes should first be tested in this template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own user space. The tested changes can then be added in one single edit to this template. As a courtesy to other users, please discuss any changes at the talk page before implementing them.

The Pornographic Career series of templates allow editors to list a pornstar's or adult model's major websites/studios of their respective biography article, alongside the lead section.


The medal infobox consists of two templates:



{{StraightPornographicCareerListTop‎ |list=}}
Basic usage
{{StraightPornographicCareerListTop |list= }}
  • list – This is the only compulsory field as this is used to place list of websites and descriptions through the {{PornographicCareerList}} template. To work correctly it must be the last field in the main template.

Websites & Studios

Straight Straight Websites & Studios
Type Label Alias Notes
Website Digital Playground Colin Hart BJOnly
{{StraightPornographicCareerList|Website |site=digitalplayground |id=13821/colin-hart |alias=Colin Hart |notes= BJOnly }}
Basic usage