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posted 17 days ago

Hello, I have zero coding experience, I've tried to create pages before, but I suck. I'd like to request a page of Alex Mecum :) Thanks

posted 202 days ago

I want to delete all the content that is in the name of MATIAS DOMINGUEZ, EMANUEL DOMINGUEZ, FRANCO EXEQUIEL DOMINGOS, since they are violating our privacy, otherwise I will report it.

posted 223 days ago


I made some additions to the model page for Alessandro Katz but I didn't realize the names should be alpha for the websites. I see the names of the website , although in the metadata backend, didn't appear on the main page. If there is any trouble with need of information please let me know and I can furnish more details. His page is the main, almost only page I check, and I'm trying to make sure its as comprehensive as possible

posted 290 days ago

May u add two straight studios for this model, please?é_Morais

posted 318 days ago

You just ruined my life because a company that hired me for a 6 figure job was able to find out about my porn career because yiu5are leaking my real name. Why on Earth would you torture me like this. You are killing me.

posted 376 days ago

Yes Lol. He worked a lot. He is very famous here... A legend

posted 377 days ago

Thanks again, I've already fill out the templete.

posted 378 days ago

Hi, thank u for help me with Gabriel Liarh's Page. I did a new one for Félix Stulbach, but it was sent to draft. The moderador asked to add Template:GayPornographicCareerList, but there are many studios that aren't in the template. May U help me, please?

posted 383 days ago

Hi, I've made a page for Beaux Banks, but I saw it was made before and removed. Could you tell me for what reason ? Maybe because he asked you to take it down, but I don't believe you would do that.

Something else, I believe I found out the real name of Mars Gymburger through Facebook, the link is But he is Russian I believe and I don't speak russian... If you'd like, maybe you can do some searching and even make a page about him.

Regards, Lucas.

posted 446 days ago

So, if I only have access to smaller-size or lower-resolution files for a particular movie or person, I only should upload collages or don't upload images for those articles. Am I correct?