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posted 317 days ago

Hi Rototo! 1. PBC is an independent, non-commercial, free Internet encyclopedia. One of the pillars of complete independence from the influence of adult industry is the financial independence of our platform. PBC does not cooperate with studios or performers, holding only its own policies when publishing articles. 2. According to the approved PBC policy: For publication in the articles are allowed data recognized as encyclopedic, such as: Real name, place and date of birth. Personal data recognized as non-encyclopedic is not allowed to be published in articles, such as: Passport data (except for the performers of the sissy / faggot genre, when the performer himself publishes his passport data), address, phone number, any information about relatives (except when the relative is also adult performer). 3. No, PBC will not be shadowbanned by Google for this reason. 4. Because it is convenient. Have a nice day/night!