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Can I have a clip of this person? Marco Antonio Yamamoto who came as the courier

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Sky Captain Swayze (talkcontribs)

Please do not publish incomplete/draft articles in the mainspace. You violate the site policy. Since this is not your first violation, the next time I will be forced to block you for up to a year. Keep in mind that the blocking periods are doubled each time with a new violation, and as a result, you can be permanently blocked. See PBC:Drafts for how to create drafts.

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Kenobi (talkcontribs)

Please, BEFORE publishing an article, make sure that all information is displayed correctly. Contact the content administrator for mediation by providing web links to magazine sites so that the administrator can update the template. Have a nice day.

Kyosuke (talkcontribs)
Kenobi (talkcontribs)

Please, contact the content administrator for mediation with that.

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